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Influencer marketing

eMAG Bulgaria is one of the main online retailers in Bulgaria with wide range of products in dozens of categories. They focus on the customer and the level of the overall user experience and are the first company held a Black Friday activation in Bulgaria.

They started a campaign called: “We have clothes, too” with which to remind that clothes are also offered in their platform.

Our team joined the project with the aims to:

  • extend the reach online of the “We have clothes, too” campaign
  • induct consumer interest through opinion leaders
  • raise awareness of the categories "Clothing, footwear and accessories“
  • engage with target audience in a different manner

We have built several component campaign to reach the target audience and they understand the message of the brand. We have chosen an approach for active work with influencers, through which we can convey the messages and engage potential users.

The group of 9 macro&micro influencers included representatives of the key target subgroups of the brand, including: fashion, urban, active young people, technology-oriented, parents, broad-minded people. Each of the influencers conducted 2 activities for the 6-weeks period:

  • the first part with promo codes with a discount, offered through useful and interesting tips for clothing and combinations
  • the second part with a giveaway for shopping on the platform presented through a question concerning the choice of clothing and combination.

In parallel with the influencer activities, we carried out activation with gift mystery boxes to a special list of 50 influencers and celebrities with whom to surprise and engage them.

We rely on a concept that leads to higher engagement and activity when the shipment contains a gift for someone else. The gesture to a loved one who leaves a positive emotional imprint.

It hides the effect of surprise, based on the fact that consumers use the technology store, "gadgets", hobby accessories, but it does not seem to occur to them that they can buy clothes from there, saving time and money on delivery.

The mystery gift box has 2 bottoms.

When opened, the influencer sees a hanger and advertising material. We're sending a message like, "Did we hook you?" And in order to have something to hang on to, visit emag.bg, they have clothes, too ”.

After opening the first bottom, the second part of the box is where there are actually 2 white T-shirts and a set of thermal stickers, entirely agift for the influencers, which they can personally use or make a gift to a loved one.