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We plan and execute marketing activities and communications, which would successfully convey the message of the brand, product or service to the target audiences.

Social media & Platforms

We can assist with the preparation of a digital strategy according to the position, needs and goals of your business as well as the effective strategic execution across all social media channels.

Email marketing

We offer professional creation of email marketing content as well as a specialized selection of target groups, based on your business objectives and requirements.

Influencer marketing

We prepare, coordinate ana analyse strategies with the most suitable influencers and attractive and engaging content according to your specific objectives.

Creative campaigns

We will help your business stand out in an attractive and memorable way through creative campaigns based on the given objectives, audience, vision and values of your brand.


We offer copywriting services and professional creation of content, based on a given topic, format, volume and objective.


We will prepare a full optimization strategy for your content so that it . Successfully reach your potential customers.

PR Services

Corporate communications

We prepare overall strategies for corporate communication – corporate presentation and direction for corporate social responsibility and we offer solutions for communication with all stakeholders.

Media and Public relations

We plan and manage the brand communication with all its audiences and media, we form and distribute key messages through carefully preselected media and channels.

Community Building

We build comprehensive community building and management plan which helps you turn current customers into loyal fans, gain potential customers and develop long-term relationships with them.

Employer Branding

We create working models to build the reputation of small, middle and large-sized companies as a good and preferred employer for highly qualified professionals.


We develop effective programmes for corporate social responsibility that are closely aligned to the brand values using research, planning and creativity.

Crisis management & Communication

We help you identify and manage reputation risks to your organizations and we ensure the situation manageability and provide prompt, timely and reliable information to internal and external public.

Media and consumer analysis

We provide professional and detailed research, monitoring and analysis of the media environment based on a given format and requirements, as well as detailed analysis of the target audience and their behavior.


We offer copywriting services for all communication channels, we plan and create content according to your specific requirements for purpose, topic and format.

Media trainings and public speaking

We assist with the organization of media trainings, where we can train your employees with basic rules and behavioral models in the area of public relations and communications.

Strategic planning

Market research

We conduct in-depth market research to establish the positioning of the product, service or brand compared to its competitors.

Media monitoring and analysis

We track the media coverage and presentation of a brand in online media and print media, we analyze media trends and prepare guidelines for maximizing the effectiveness of your message.

SWOT analysis

We conduct a comprehensive and detailed SWOT analysis by key indicators to outline the strengths and weaknesses (Weaknesses) of your business or topic, opportunities (Opportunities) and challenges (Threats) in front of them.

Product and Brand Positioning

We can help you define the mission, vision, values, long-term goals and value proposition of the brand and to make them a basis for the overall marketing and PR communication.

Strategy Implementation

We implement the planned strategy to achieve the initially defined strategic goals and indicators of success.

Performance monitoring

We regularly monitor, analyse and evaluate the campaigns and projects to compare the performance to the key indicators, and to improve the overall performance.


We evaluate the implementation of the project or campaign, including a comparison of the achieved results with the initially set key indicators and goals.

Design and Production

Design 4 Digital

We create creative design and graphic digital design by brief according to the brand objectives and needs.

Presentation Design

We can assist you with the preparation of attractive professional presentations based on the set topics and format.

Print Materials

We can assist you with individual design and production of all the necessary print materials for overall visual corporate identity.

Branded Items

Our professional team can assist you with the preparation of distinctive corporate branded items.

Website Development

We can help you with the professional development of websites according to the needs and requirements of your business.


We fully prepare, film and process video materials based on the specific purposes of your brand.

Audio spots

We prepare full concepts and copywrite for audio spot recordings with different focus.

Event Management


Our team can assist with the entire preparation and coordination of your conference, planning of PR campaign and full assistance during the event until its successful completion.


Our professional team can assist with the entire organization of every detail of your seminars according to the requirements of your business. 

Official events

Our team of experts can assist you with the entire coordination and communication of official events of national and multi-national character.

Special events

We can assist with the organization of all types of special events from the initial concept planning to coordination and successful execution.

Themed parties

Оur professional team will assist you with the whole organizational process to ensure a truly memorable themed company event or other private party.

Corporate trainings

We deliver engaging and innovative corporate programs and trainings that strategically align with your business goals.

Team building

We can assist you not only with the teambuilding planning, so that literally everyone can focus on having fun, but we can also help your team work as cohesively as possible.

BTL, Face-to-face promotions

We offer and coordinate comprehensive and effective BTL promotions, which are of utmost importance for the launch of a new product.