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Corporate trainings

Our client is one of the leading construction companies and participates in public tenders & numerous public and industrial constructions, the journalists often try to reach the architects and engineers of the company.

Our goals were to:

  • To conduct a media training to various type of employees and company experts
  • To identify key messages, prepare for unexpected twists or turns in interviews, avoid the possibility of being misquoted, educate about the media landscape in Bulgaria

Our team organized a half-day training dedicated to the work with media, including:

  • Introduction into PR and the process of media activities and show them how to implement the company key messages and adopt key response rules.
  • Practice the knowledge and skills obtained through interactive workshop part and media simulation
  • Teach how to identify and deal with issues and be able to recognize them and react effectively, as well as to cope with difficult questions and situations
  • Show the hidden information – tone of voice and body language and how they should all be aligned with the key messages